Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've just been dumped. It's gay, I hate it.... a lot.

My ex-girlfriend, Saskia, and I had only been dating for two weeks this time around, shes one of those girls that has the hole on-again off-again relationships. But I really liked her so I put up with it. But this time she says its for real. Also she did it through text (bitch huh?), here's what she said...

text 1: itz 0ver n0w. Wel actuali 20 min ag0.
text 2: Graeme. Personaly i d0 n0t think 0ur relationship is w0rking. I view u as a m8 rather anything m0re. N relationships dnt w0rk if there 1 sided. Itz unfair 2 u.
text 3: Wel this prity much means i d0nt want u 2 b my bf ne mre. And im reali s0ri s0 cl0se 2 xmas n all.

About four hours before I received these texts I was out buying her a Christmas present. I wound up spending almost $200 on it. So now I have a gift which, seeing as she doesn't want ot see me, I can't give to her.

I really had no idea this was coming. Last week I hitch-hiked over 200 km just to see her for the day and this week she dumps me.

I want her, I need her, I can't imagine my life without her (well actually I can, and it sucks). I need help. Any advice on how to get her back or anything would be greatly appreciated.

h00dLum!!1 out.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm fucked.

exams are in three weeks and I haven't even started studying, I'm always too busy playing WOW.
fucking WOW, takes up all my time now! Back to school...i fucked around all year in maths which was a bad idea I think and now I'm going to fail. Science=easy, I'll pass without studying, same thing goes for German and History but for Economics and English I'm screwed.

I don't see how they can fail me in English though, my English is great, who cares if I can't explain the verbal and visual features of movies!!!

But economics I understand perfectly why I'm going to fail. I only go to 1 of my four classes a week and when I go I just get in trouble.

So really unless my future as a musician makes me a lot of money I'm pretty much fucked.


Is this like bebo??


I just made this page around 20 minutes ago and I'm not really sure of I'm really supposed to be doing on it. Is this just like a less flashy version of bebo??