Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've just been dumped. It's gay, I hate it.... a lot.

My ex-girlfriend, Saskia, and I had only been dating for two weeks this time around, shes one of those girls that has the hole on-again off-again relationships. But I really liked her so I put up with it. But this time she says its for real. Also she did it through text (bitch huh?), here's what she said...

text 1: itz 0ver n0w. Wel actuali 20 min ag0.
text 2: Graeme. Personaly i d0 n0t think 0ur relationship is w0rking. I view u as a m8 rather anything m0re. N relationships dnt w0rk if there 1 sided. Itz unfair 2 u.
text 3: Wel this prity much means i d0nt want u 2 b my bf ne mre. And im reali s0ri s0 cl0se 2 xmas n all.

About four hours before I received these texts I was out buying her a Christmas present. I wound up spending almost $200 on it. So now I have a gift which, seeing as she doesn't want ot see me, I can't give to her.

I really had no idea this was coming. Last week I hitch-hiked over 200 km just to see her for the day and this week she dumps me.

I want her, I need her, I can't imagine my life without her (well actually I can, and it sucks). I need help. Any advice on how to get her back or anything would be greatly appreciated.

h00dLum!!1 out.

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princetongirl206 said...

Ok.. Yeh hey.. You dont know me.. But that girl.. Is not sorry for ditching you near christmas otherwise she wouldn't do it?! (And I don't know you, yet that girl made a foolish mistake if your brought her something that expensive and walked that far just to see her..) And give it two weeks you won't want her (as you shall relize that she's missing out playing stupid games) Hope that cheers you up so near to christmas =)