Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm fucked.

exams are in three weeks and I haven't even started studying, I'm always too busy playing WOW.
fucking WOW, takes up all my time now! Back to school...i fucked around all year in maths which was a bad idea I think and now I'm going to fail. Science=easy, I'll pass without studying, same thing goes for German and History but for Economics and English I'm screwed.

I don't see how they can fail me in English though, my English is great, who cares if I can't explain the verbal and visual features of movies!!!

But economics I understand perfectly why I'm going to fail. I only go to 1 of my four classes a week and when I go I just get in trouble.

So really unless my future as a musician makes me a lot of money I'm pretty much fucked.


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